Horácio Quadrado


Created my company HORÁCIO QUADRADO, following the work developed at the Grupo Académico Juventude Alcochete (GAJAlcochete), developed by a vast young team, highly organized and responsible, providing unforgettable moments in the organization of a very rich regular activity and tournament organization. After creating and developing GAJAlcochete, making it a benchmark for local, district, national and international sport, especially Handball, we organized for many years the best and biggest youth, first handball and later handball and futsal tournaments, where teams from clubs and national teams from over thirty countries from around the world participated, in particular SL Benfica, Sporting CP, FC Porto, FC Barcelona and many others. We held major events of high competition from Handball to Basketball, Futsal and Roller Hockey, having participated the best Portuguese and European teams. This is how I intend to develop my work, following the same principles, thanking everyone who contributed to my experience and maturity. Organizing internships for professionals, amateurs, veterans and youth of football, futsal, basketball, volleyball and handball will be my job, with commitment, organization and honesty.